The Rainbow Feedback
There is no better way to learn about the services  we provide than for you to hear from some of our families about their experiences here at Rainbow Early Learning Center. Our families, past and present, are happy to be available as references.  Please contact us for more information.
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 Family gives you roots; Rainbow gives you wings.
From the moment that I met Amy, I knew that she cared deeply for children. Her thoughts and ideas about childcare meshed with mine perfectly, and after having dealt with some less-than-perfect places I was ready for a change. My children, now aged 6 and 8, absolutely adored being there. I always knew they were cared for and safe. My youngest was there from when he was an infant until a few years later when we had to stop coming. My oldest went from age 2 to 5, when he left for kindergarten. Rainbow is the best place my children have ever been for childcare, and I whole-heartedly recommend them.--Rachel Robben
Both of my children, now ages 15 and 9, attended Rainbow from the time they were two years old until they left for kindergarten. I chose to skip our pre-k program our city offers - they didn't need it! Through play, imagination, creativity, and just plain fun... they learned all they needed to know to MORE than ready them for school. Both kids have always excelled in both their academic and social development and I give total credit to Mrs. Amy and Mrs. Shana at Rainbow for that!--Kim Yoder
Mrs. Amy and her staff are AMAZING. My daughter was only with them a short time, but the LOVE and DEDICATION they showed her and I both will remain in our hearts forever. I had a life changing illness in my life and had to move back home is the only reason they are no longer caring for my daughter. They were EXCEPTIONAL in caring for my daughter all the time but even more then I could have ever asked for during the hardest time I believe we will ever face. They helped her understand and accept what was going on. Also in the process the other kids also learned and showed so much love and support for her and I both. We love you Mrs. Amy, Mrs. Shana, Miss Emma, And Mrs. Nikki... I Thank each and everyone of you for all your loving support!!!!--Brandy Armantrout
It has been quite a few years since my son went to Rainbow. Amy and her staff accepted the challenge of my sometimes slightly strong-willed, reserved child and always found creative ways to think outside the box using his personality traits to their advantage which made him more open to the fun of learning! Thank you guys.--Christy Smith
I have a friend who took her 3 kids to Rainbow and all I ever heard was nothing but praise about it.  So one day I decided to drop into Rainbow and I enrolled my son, 4,  the next day.  That was about a year ago and after seeing how much he was learning, I put my daughter, 2, in it very shortly after him.  Rainbow has done more for my kids than I could ever put into words.  It has opened them up sociably & mentally and in turn helped them blossom into respectful, knowledgeable, well mannered kids, more than they already were of course :).  I can speak from experience of having my kids in a large, chain type day-care, the care does NOT compare to what they receive at Rainbow.  Rainbow is not just a day-care, it is a family.  They treat the kids as their own and you can feel the love.  All I ever hear my son & daughter say is "Amy said..., Shana said...., Wanda said...".  The teachers teach them so much.  I remember one time Preston asking Amy why something was the way it was I vividly remember Amy saying, "I don't know...let's look it up & find out"!  I really admired that , most people would just say they didn't know or make something up.  I would recommend Rainbow to anyone - friends, loved ones & strangers.--Laurel Burgess
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I could have never found a better place for my daughter to go! Amy genuinely loves and cares for children and you can tell because of her dedication to understand the brain development of young children. She gives each child the attention, love, respect and patience they deserve. I wouldn't recommend any other place!
Nicole Mitchell
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