Our goal is to provide an enriching, relaxed environment that is organized, educational and comfortable. Our classroom is one where the children gain self esteem, learn to trust others, and feel safe and loved in their surroundings; above all, it belongs to the children.

The Rainbow Difference
"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"  Dr. Seuss
  It is our belief that every experience a child has at school, including routines like meals, toileting, and naptime is part of our curriculum because people learn by doing—we encourage children to practice decision making, language, creativity, math, writing, and reading skills as they function and play in our classroom all day long.  The children’s skill levels will develop and increase as they get used to being less dependent on an adult to make decisions and choices for them. 
  Our “play” environment is composed of learning centers such as Blocks, Art, Sand and Water, Dramatic Play, Writing, Small Motor, Large Motor, Library, etc.  The materials and activities in these centers are carefully chosen to encourage the children to learn and explore--to achieve the specific developmental goals for each individual child. Our weekly lesson plans relate to our current projects or units of study which are chosen based on children’s interests and experiences. Activities are planned so that many options are available for children to choose from throughout most of the day.  Teacher directed activities are also planned and implemented in one-to-one, small group, and whole group settings at different periods during the day. The activities we plan are set up in a way so that they are difficult enough to challenge them but easy enough for the child to be successful—this will encourage children to not only repeat the experiences but also to take on more difficult challenges on their own.
Children are much more interested about learning when it happens naturally and relates to their everyday lives. Our days are filled with reading, story-telling, music, science discoveries, art, poetry, and nursery rhymes—We read.  We sing.  We dance.  We create.  We explore!!! 
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  The Focused Portfolio™ process is used along with the Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines to document children's growth and development. We keep ongoing records of your child’s progress with our observations, their drawings, writing samples, photos, videos, notes of conversations, diary entries, notes from teacher, etc… in an individual development portfolio for each child.
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Family gives you roots; Rainbow gives you wings.
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