We are committed to providing a loving, playful and high-quality early childhood educational program for families in our community. We love and nurture children and encourage their independence and unique interests as they develop, learn, and enjoy life in this precious early stage of their childhood.


Any interested party may look freely through our Licensing Compliance File at any time. It is located in our parent resource area along with a current copy of Licensing Requirements for Child Care Centers. Feel free to look at them any time as we are very proud of our licensing history; we will be grateful for your interest.
Thank you.

We promote an open door policy; children’s parents and families (with prior parental authorization) are welcome in our school at any time. These are some suggestions to make the most of your visiting time in our classroom: read stories, join in outdoor play, join us for lunch, draw pictures, build with blocks, etc…

We also encourage parents to schedule times to observe in the classroom—just be a fly on the wall. You can learn a lot about our program that way and also get a glimpse of who your child is in a classroom full of peers. It’s an amazing experience.


Never spank, swat, shove, shake, threaten, taunt, yell at or criticize any child (not even your own) while in our facility--or ever for that matter! Any disciplinary actions that need to be taken in our facility will be done by a staff member.


Each family comes with their own list of “bad words”. We respect each family but find it hard to have a list that all children can abide by—so we just rely on our own judgment. We realize that some words are more appropriate than others and some are just not a good idea at all—we use “bottom” instead of “butt”; we use “goodness sakes” instead of “oh my god”; “silly” instead of “stupid”; “oops” instead of “dang it” or “darn it”—not that all of these are “bad” we just think it wise to mind our “p’s and q’s”. We don’t use slang words like “freakin”, “ain’t”, “shut up” or of course, curse words, at all.

* We use scientific names for body parts and allow children to use them as well when they are speaking of body parts.

* We also struggle at times with the use of words relating to bodily functions. We try our best to encourage the use of these “bathroom words” in the bathroom relating to bathroom situations but we all know that children find these words extremely amusing and we, ourselves, giggle at inappropriate times on occasion.

* Some children use words in a silly or funny way that are not intended to hurt another child or meant in a profane way; we help them learn what types of words are ok and when some words are ok.

* We use our own judgment about the language that is used at our school and we set the tone for appropriate classroom language by modeling it.


Our pets are part of our classroom. We embrace only gentle, non aggressive animals to participate in our program. All animals that can be are vaccinated against disease and treated against ticks and fleas. We believe that pets teach invaluable lessons about compassion, respect, and responsibility to our children. They also provide a type of companionship that cannot be matched by human interaction.

* We ensure that children are supervised and not left alone with the animals.

* We ensure that certain precautions are made so that food preparation and mealtimes are not contaminated by
  our pets.

* Any insects or spiders that may pose a threat are treated with caution and with safety in mind.

Rainbow Early Learning Center
5934 NW 19th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73127
Email: goxboxsox@yahoo.com
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Parent Handbook 2013
You may also use the DHS website to view our monitoring history, www.okdhs.org,
as well as the files of other centers in the state.

Our Licensing Specialist at DHS is Jeanene Potter @ 767-2585.


440-0855 (RAINBOW)●519-5013 (MOBILE)
DHS CONTRACT # 27859●goxboxsox@yahoo.com
Our handbook is designed to give you a better understanding of our Classroom and Business Policies.  If you have specific questions that are not answered here, please give us a call!
 Parent Handbook 2013

Except in extremely poor weather conditions, a portion of each day will be spent outdoors. If you believe your child isn't feeling well enough to go outside, please keep him/her at home.

In the spring and summer months it is necessary for you to supply us with sunscreen and bug spray to protect your children from outside elements.

In the winter months, please have children come dressed for the weather. Hats and gloves are helpful; coats and jackets with operating zippers and/or buttons are most important.

Label all children's items.


Our schedules are intended to establish a routine and allow children to know what to expect throughout the day.
They are designed to be flexible and seasonal!!

7:00 School opens, Free-play

7:45 Bathroom breaks, Breakfast

8:30 Free-play, Small group activities

9:45 Large group activities/ Story-time

10:00 Outdoor play

11:45 Bathroom breaks, Lunch

12:30 Naptime

3:00 Bathroom breaks, Snack

3:15 Story-time

3:30 Free-play, Afternoon activities

4:10 Outdoor play

6:00 School closes


Children must come to school dressed for play. Waist length shirts, pants that are easily opened and closed, and a good pair of tennis shoes are ideal.

* Do not bring them in clothing that is precious-we expect them to be able to play without fear of getting messy or dirty.

* DO NOT BRING CHILDREN DRESSED IN: open-toed sandals, flip-flops, oversized clothing, overalls, one piece outfits, and accessories-- These can be dangerous and/or frustrating for children and teachers.

* DO NOT let children wear jewelry of any kind to school; some of these cause choking and strangulation hazards—potentially very, very dangerous.

* Shoes that fit and stay on are imperative! Children cannot confidently move about (climb, run, jump, skip) in shoes that are uncomfortable or slip off easily.

Please keep an extra set of clothing in your child's cubby in case it is needed.

Label all children's items.


If your child will be eating breakfast at school, he/she should arrive no later than 8:30 a.m. We do not serve breakfast after 8:30. Please feed your child before bringing him/her to school. In compliance with the Health Department regulations--DO NOT BRING FOOD OR DRINKS INTO OUR BUILDING!!!!

Lunch is served at 11:45; the afternoon snack is served at 3:00.


Items from home should be limited to books and items that can be used at naptime (pillows, blankets, babies, stuffed animals) Toys from home create many problems. We will post notices when children may bring other items for special activities.


Check your mail slots daily for important personal messages, notes and announcements. You may also leave messages for staff in the teacher slot. Please also read any messages written on the board, these change fairly often and are intended for all parents! Thanks.


If you wish to have a daily report filled out for your child--please fill out the top portion of the form and give to the staff member on duty. These forms are always available on the teacher table.


We will schedule a short conference after your first 3 months to ensure the family and the program are both satisfied with the relationship.

We schedule conferences at least annually or when needed. We will, of course, be keeping you very up to date about your child's experiences through various means of communication.


Although we take great care to plan a safe environment and to supervise the children's activities, injuries still occur. Most injuries are minor and typical of young children (cuts, scrapes, bumps, bruises, and bites). You will be notified immediately of injuries that require medical attention.

We will report to you any injuries that require treatment or leave a mark while in our care. We would appreciate the same information be given to us about incidents that occur when your children are away from school.

We will fill out an incident report and leave it in your mail slot for you to read and sign. Please leave these forms with a staff member.


We encourage good behavior by modeling good behavior. We are trained in the most up to date theories of behavior and guidance.

We use a variety of techniques that are intended to develop social skills, self-control, and self-regulation without the use of charts, rewards and stickers. We believe the short term benefits of behavior modification techniques like offering stickers or candy to children who behave in ways that the adult expects completely destroys the opportunity to create people who are driven to do the right thing simply because it is the right thing. When we do what is right is should feel right on the inside. Rewards and stickers will never be the motivating factor behind good, decent people behaving in ways they should behave! Everyone who cares for and teaches young children should be especially responsible in this area—our goal is to raise self disciplined, independent people who recognize appropriate behavior as a reward in itself. I believe it is safe to say that no parent intends to raise children who are in constant need of praise and recognition for acting appropriately or are only motivated to do activities by dangling a candy bar in front of their noses—but this is what happens when we try to mold and shape our children with indiscriminate praise and the reckless use of rewards.

Some positive guidance techniques we use are: redirect children to more acceptable activities, set clear-consistent limits, enforce and allow natural and logical consequences, verbally acknowledge and encourage appropriate behavior, allow for children to have choices when appropriate.


Biting is only one type of aggressive behavior that appears in young children. We have a “no tolerance” attitude about hurting our friends, period. Some children hit--some pull hair, some pinch, squeeze, push, scratch, and others bite. All of these are aggressive behaviors but not all of them leave a visible mark. Please understand we do everything we can but children lack the skills and rationale needed to keep these behaviors out of our classroom—social skills and self-control are 2 of the main things they are here to learn! We will not alienate a child or his/her family from our school for exhibiting a behavior common to young children. All children who hurt their friends are dealt with in the same manner no matter the offense-they are taken away from the situation to calm down, we talk about the situation and what other problem solving options can be tried next time, we encourage them to check on their hurt friend before entering the group again but never force them to say “I’m sorry” because it takes lots of maturity and experience to understand what that statement means. I’d much rather the child be able to recognize the behavior and understand why it is wrong than learn the automatic “I’m sorry.” and expect the behavior to be automatically forgiven and forgotten.


We, as is every adult in the state of Oklahoma, are required by law to report suspected abuse and/or neglect to the local child protective services agency. We are trained to recognize signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect.


We are very excited that your child is showing signs that he/she is ready to learn how to use the toilet. Because this is an occasion where the adults all need to be prepared & cooperate with each other, this is a list of information that you will need to know:

> We will motivate your child to attempt using the toilet at scheduled times during the day and any time he/she gets going in the direction of the toilet.

> We will not rush a child, ridicule or discipline a child who has an accident, or force a child to remain on the toilet.

> We will offer encouragement & praise, but will not use candy and stickers as motivation props for using the toilet.

> We will encourage independence--we will not set the child on the toilet, pull pants up and down, wipe the child, or flush the toilet--of course, we will help the child with all of these tasks while they are learning, but we will not do it for them and neither should you!

> We will encourage your child to acquire good personal hygiene habits (not touching the stool unnecessarily, proper use of toilet paper, and proper hand washing.)

Please dress your children appropriately--elastic waists on pants and waist length shirts are great--and send plenty of extra clothing—socks too!! Label all children's items.

It would be a good idea to invest in a pair of easily cleaned shoes (Pee follows gravity’s laws. Also, be aware that a pair of shoes that is easily taken off and put back on by the child will make ALL of our lives easier!)

No overalls, belts, long shirts, dresses, shirts with snaps in the crotch or one-piece outfits please! Kiddos get in a big hurry at times and these are huge obstacles. Make it as easy as possible for them to succeed. THANKS!

We would also like to mention that we are regulated by the Health Department and cannot rinse soiled clothing in any of our sinks or toilets--so be prepared--the clothing we send home will be dirty. Sorry!


In the best interest of all children we cannot accept children who are ill. Do not bring your child if he/she has any of the following symptoms:

* Diarrhea (frequent, runny, watery stools.

* Fever (100°F under arm, 101°F orally.

* Yellow or green nasal discharge

* Constant coughing, wheezing, or sneezing (not allergy related)

* Vomiting

* Symptoms of communicable disease: sniffles, reddened-eyes, sore throat, headache, abdominal pain, head or skin infections (lice, ringworm, impetigo), sudden rashes.

If your child develops any of these symptoms while in our care, you will be notified immediately to pick up your child.

1. Your child will be permitted back into the school after being released by a physician or after being symptom free with no medication for 24 hours.

2. If your child has been diagnosed with a particular condition--we will refer to the Good-Health Handbook provided to us by the Health Department for specific information.

All people, especially children in childcare, should wash their hands thoroughly and frequently throughout the day. This is still the best barrier between harmful germs and healthy bodies. Please enforce this practice at home--this will ensure that children in our school will be healthier and will not pass illnesses back and forth to each other. We know how serious it can be to miss work or school so please help us maintain a healthy environment.



If it is absolutely necessary that your child be given medication while in our care, it must be signed in on the medical permission chart on the refrigerator. This refers to over the counter medications and ointments as well as those prescribed to your child by a physician.

Medication must be in original bottle and if it is a prescription, prescribed to the child to whom it is being administered.

Over-the-counter medication must have dosage amounts for the age/weight of your child and will be administered only if needed.

All medication must be labeled with your child's name.

* In case of an allergic reaction, we require the first dose of any new medication be given while in the parents care.

* If medication is to be administered one or two times daily, it is to be given at home. We will administer medication ONLY if it is mandatory that it be given during the hours your child is in our care.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT FEVER--We do not give medication to reduce a child's fever. If your child is running a temperature DO NOT BRING HIM/HER TO SCHOOL!!!! Fever medication may reduce a child's temperature and symptoms temporarily but does not by any means keep the child from passing illnesses to the other children at school.


What does the Oklahoma child restraint law require? It is the driver's responsibility to see that child passengers are properly restrained. Children five (5) years old or younger must be properly restrained in either a child car seat or a booster seat appropriate for their height and weight. Children ages six (6) through twelve (12) must be properly restrained in either a child car seat, booster seat, or seat belt. “Properly restrained” means that the restraint system is being used in accordance with the seat manufacturer's instructions. For example, if the seat manufacturer's instructions state that the car seat should never be placed in front of an active air bag, then installing it in front of an active air bag would not be "properly using". The law exempts the drivers of emergency vehicles, such as an ambulance, from the law as well as drivers of vehicles which are not required to be equipped with seat belts and vehicles in which all the seat belts are in use by other passengers.

Oklahoma's Child Restraint Law allows a child who weighs more than 40 pounds to ride in a rear seating position (any seat behind the drivers seat) while wearing only a lap belt if the vehicle is not equipped with combination lap/shoulder belts in the rear seat(s) or if the lap/shoulder belts are in use by other children who weigh more than 40 pounds.

Please adhere to these laws. Children CANNOT protect themselves-we have to do it for them.


1. Children should arrive at school no later than 9:00 a.m. to benefit from the majority of the planned curriculum. This also keeps their schedule stable and predictable—which is extremely important to all children.

2. Upon arrival at school, children should be accompanied by an adult and left with a staff member. When children are being picked up at the end of their day it is absolutely mandatory to supervise them while in the school and going from the school to the car. These are the two most dangerous times of the day. We want to ensure their safety at all times while at school. CHILDREN ARE NEVER ALLOWED TO BE OUTSIDE IN THE FRONT OF THE BUILDING WITHOUT AN ADULT ACCOMPANYING THEM.

3. We will keep on file a list of people you allow us to release your child to. Please keep this information current and supply us with specific instructions to avoid any confusion.

> These people will be asked to present a photo ID until we are familiar with them.

> If any other person, not listed here, will be picking up your child—you must notify us in person or by telephone (we have to recognize your voice—and/or verify your personal info.)

We need legal paperwork on file if a parent is not permitted to pick up a child—we have no legal right to withhold a child from a parent without it.


Do not use cell phones in our classroom. It can be extremely disruptive to our activities and can cause high levels of frustration in your children who need to be hugged and kissed goodbye in the mornings or want your immediate attention at the end of the day. You are welcome to enter our classroom when you are prepared to interact with your children and the teachers.

HOURS: 7 am to 6:00 pm l Monday through Friday l January-December


For each child enrolled, a non-refundable fee of $25.00 will be charged for registration and a
deposit of $100.00 will be held and refunded upon completion of our contract.

DHS: Deposit is waived for those families who are approved for assistance with
$0 copay. Full registration fee still applies.

Deposit is equal to the full amount of copayment for those families approved with a monthly
copayment due. Full registration fee still applies.


Full Time Rates (4 hours or more per day)

3 years and older.............................................$135.00 per week

2 year old ........................................................$145.00 per week

*Discount: more than 1 child per family, $10.00 off tuition rate for 1 child per week.

Part Time Week Rates (3 regularly scheduled full time days or less) when available

2 days (all ages) ..............................................$80.00 per week

3 days (all ages) ..............................................$100.00 per week

*No discounts for multiple children.

Mornings Only Rates (9am-noon) if opening is available

All ages ...........................................................$100.00 per week

*No discounts for multiple children.

Rates for Drop-ins

All ages ...........................................................$10.00 per hour (4 hours or less)

All ages ...........................................................$40.00 per day (over 4 hours)

*Discount: more than 1 child per family, $5.00/day off tuition for one child. No hourly discount.


There will be a $10.00 charge to any account not paid by the close of business Tuesday. If you will be paying Wednesday morning or after, please automatically add the $10.00 fee to you regular payment.


The first instance you arrive after 6:00 pm you will be charged a $20.00 late fee. The second instance, the same charge will apply and your child will be dropped from our enrollment. Unless, of course, your arriving late is caused
by a real emergency situation.


There will be a $25.00 charge on all insufficient checks.


We will be closed on the following days: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday, 2 days for the Christmas Holiday (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. All of these days are to be paid. Our teachers receive very few benefits—they definitely deserve paid time off!

In the event one of these holidays occurs on a Saturday or Sunday, we will be closed on the day observed by the State of Oklahoma.


After the first 3 months, each child will receive 5 days (unpaid) per enrollment year to use individually or combined. The child must not be in attendance during this time. Holidays we are closed can be counted as a vacation day if you wish. All other days will be paid whether the child is in attendance or not.


We must be formally notified two weeks in advance before withdrawing your child. If we are not, tuition will be charged for this two-week period. Also, any child absent from the school for one week without notification will be automatically dropped from the roll and an invoice will be mailed for payment due.


If the situation arises that all staff must attend a training event held on a school day we will be closed. We will give you at least 2 weeks notice for this type of closure and it will rarely occur. You will not have to pay for these days.


We will not be open on the days Bethany and Oklahoma City Public Schools are both closed because of treacherous conditions. This information is given on all major news and radio stations. Please call Amy at home 519-5013 or at school 440-0855 to verify the closing if you have any doubts. These days are to be paid.


These functions are separate from our weekly program. Notices will be posted to let you know the dates.

> Hours: 6pm-8am Sunday morn.

> Cost: $40.00 per child

> DHS does not cover this program

> Dinner, snacks, and breakfast provided

> Art activities, games, music---and so much more!!!

> Bring a pillow, toothbrush, and some comfy clothes to sleep in and I’ll take care of the rest.

"There is no single effort more radical in it's
potential for saving the world than a
transformation of the way we raise
our children." Marianne Williamson
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