Rainbow is a licensed,
two star childcare center
that doubles as an
all-day preschool program!
  • Private alternative to the public school Pre-K program.
  • High-quality, developmentally appropriate curriculum.
  • Follow ethics and standards promoted by NAEYC.
  • Small, comfortable center with 2 large, exciting classrooms.
  • Beautiful, natural outdoor playspace.

"It is vital that when educating our children's brains we do not neglect to educate their hearts." Dalai Lama
  • Move along the developmental sequence at his/her optimum rate in all areas of development.
  • Cultivate humanitarian principles - respect, tolerance, empathy, compassion, democracy, etc.
  • Develop a love for literature and to become familiar with literary language.
  • Learn the social skills of compromise, cooperation, negotiation, and verbal assertiveness.
  • Recognize the natural benefits of positive interactions and making good choices.
  • Develop a respect for the natural world and a commitment to care for their environment.
  • Develop creative abilities and creativity.
  • Develop speaking and listening skills at his/her level of development.
  • Play at higher levels of dramatic play.
  • Develop small and large motor abilities.
  • Develop positive work habits and skill such as attention span, organizing work, and focusing.
  • Develop cognitive skills such as problem solving, synthesizing, analysis, classification and progression.
  • Develop the foundation of mathematics:  One-to-one correspondence, counting, association of set to symbol, part/whole relationships, measurement, and graphing at his/her level of development.
  • Experience an enhancement and/or reaffirmation of his/her competence and self-worth.
  • Develop foundations for reading and writing: visual skills, auditory skills, left to right orientation, interest in printing, letter awareness, association of letter to sound, and rhyming at his/her level of development.
  • Develop positive attitudes toward school and learning.
Our goals are for each child to:
Any time spent with these types of needless activities is time wasted. Basic knowledge will be gained very easily at the right moment, no doubt, but the opportunities for discovery, self-control, imagination, curiosity, creativity, self-motivation, self-regulation, persistence, communication, conflict resolution, conquering fears, developing self-concept, developing high-level thinking and reasoning skills can never be mastered in the same magnitude as they can during early childhood. 

As educators, it is our responsibility to give them the tools and time needed to achieve as much developing as their little bodies, minds, and spirits can muster. It will be these children and their healthy personalities who will be ahead of the game in all areas in the long run.

  • Young children cannot get ahead sitting at a desk coloring pre-drawn pictures or making crafts with the exact colors and materials laid out for them.
  •  They cannot develop self control if they are constantly made to be quiet and play with only the activities given to them by adults.
  • Children must have time to play uninterrupted with friends and make up their own games and rules.
  •  Programs with strict and inappropriate expectations of children create stressful environments that encourage children to act out.
  •  Staying clean and indoors is not natural.
  •  "Busy work" is not productive, being rushed from one teacher directed activity to another leaves no time for a child to get to know their own likes, dislikes, or talents.
  • Eating quickly and quietly, without laughter, conversation and friendships leads to a lonely, disconnected child who will not be excited to come to school. 
Rainbow Early Learning Center
5934 NW 19th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73127
Email: goxboxsox@yahoo.com
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  First and foremost, we develop relationships based on love, respect, and understanding with these children. 
It is this relationship that makes everything else possible. When children love us and trust us they are more willing to try new things and copy our social behaviors.  We accept and respect each child as an individual, each with different cultures, interests, skills, talents, and backgrounds.  We believe development of a healthy self-concept is directly related to development in all other areas—we believe our willingness to accept each child and family as unique individuals with unique lifestyles and our way of incorporating these unique qualities naturally into our program help to enhance self-concepts. 

  As has been stressed in all of the current research—PLAY is the most important thing we can let children do; to gain intelligence and to succeed to the fullest degree they REQUIRE it.  We are not only tolerant of playfulness and curiosity; we ENCOURAGE IT and PLAN IT!  We want children to keep the spontaneity, playfulness, and curiosity they were born with for as long as they are able—too soon they will be entering elementary school where in far too many cases individuality and creativity are discouraged and where several sad changes may take place.  Their excitement about learning and their natural curiosity will begin to fade as they are made to sit still, not socialize, and color within the lines.

  We are hoping that the years of playfulness, excitement and creativity they spend with us will carry over into their lives.
Many centers, home childcare providers, public and private schools claim to offer high quality programs for preschool children.  They promote things like worksheets, flashcards, coloring pages, formal writing and reading instruction, drill exercises that focus only on rote memorization and “educational” programs like “My Baby Can Read” as educational activities.  To many parents these activities DO seem educational, but any professional with a degree in early childhood education or any organization that promotes high quality programs for young children (like NAEYC, The National Association for the Education of Young Children) will tell you that these ARE NOT appropriate activities for preschool children and in fact, are deemed unacceptable by professors teaching preschool curriculum to teachers in college classrooms. 
To give your children the head start you are looking for--put away the flash cards and educational videos; the frustrating drills over colors, shapes, abc's and 123's aren't necessary. Open your heart, play, relax and enjoy their childhood with them--there is a time for formal learning, that time is not now!
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