The Staff at Rainbow ELC
All teachers at Rainbow ELC are at various stages in their college educations. 
We are experienced, gentle and loving teachers who look at childhood with excitement and a very healthy sense of humor.

We develop a positive and nurturing relationship based on love, respect, and understanding with each child. It is this relationship that makes everything else possible.  When children begin to love and trust us they are more willing to try new things and copy our social behaviors. 
Feel free to drop in to meet our teachers and discover why
children and their families love Rainbow.

Mrs. Shana - Director in training, Teacher

Rainbow is a magical place. You feel it when you walk through the door. It is a wonderful place to play. I would say work but it doesn't seem like work. Not when I get to enjoy the amazing ideas and vision of small children. Everyone sees the world a little differently but children have a completely open, honest, and simplified way of enjoying the world. I get to be a part of that refreshing view. Just to see what they think of something as simple as a ladybug. Something others take for granted is the most wondrous discovery for them. It really does make you appreciate life on a whole different level. I am so grateful that the rainbow kids have let me into their world for the last 7 1/2 years.

Miss Emma - Teacher

Rainbow ELC is very dear to my heart; I was a student here when I was 4 years old and I still love being a part of the Rainbow family. I couldn't ask for a better job while I attend college. Watching children's imaginations grow and watching them grow as individuals is absolutely amazing. I have learned so much from working here, not just from the staff but from the children as well. I enjoy working with children because I know I can impact their lives and be a good role model for each one of them! 
My classroom is my own little world
it is my piece of heaven!
Rainbow Early Learning Center
5934 NW 19th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73127
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The following is an excerpt from the document “What is Kindergarten Readiness?  Myth vs Reality”
  • Slowing down and recognizing everyday activities as the richest learning opportunities:  taking time to talk with and listen to children while playing, eating, and transitioning through daily routines
  • Observing and celebrating the daily growth and development of every child, every day
  • Giving children daily opportunities to express themselves in many creative ways, including art, music and dance
  • Reading to children every day and being a role model for a lifelong love of reading
  • Looking for opportunities to point out and share concepts like shapes, colors, numbers and letters in real and meaningful ways as part of everyday life
  • Supporting each child’s physical health and development by allowing many daily choices of active large motor play (running, jumping, climbing, dancing)
  • Honoring and defending every child’s right to rich, creative, supported, open-ended play, enriched by loving adults.
Teachers and parents can provide experiences that truly support children’s early learning by adopting these practices:
Mrs. Amy - Owner, Director, Master Teacher

Rainbow has been my baby for the last 15 years; it’s my heart and soul and I am passionate about my responsibilities to children and their families.  This is more than a job to me; it's a dream. I am here because I love children but it's so much more than that for me--I love the human spirit and I want to give children a chance to be the amazing, creative, original they were meant to be.  It is a greatly misunderstood job--it is about understanding, respecting, and appreciating childhood as an extremely important and necessary stage of development; a stage not to be rushed through, not to be inappropriately interfered with. Much of the work I do can't be immediately measured but in the years after they leave me and become young adults I see the results glowing around them. These little people learn how to be tolerant and accepting, how to stand up for the weak, how to work hard at what is important to them, how to laugh and see the humor in the world around them, how to ask questions and find answers, how to trust others and how to love.  

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